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PuppetBox puppets are simple, table-top, rod-operated puppets that can be used for a variety of purposes - whether it be in the rehearsal room as a devising tool or the classroom for teaching puppetry skills. They are handmade by Annie Brooks out of natural cotton twill, wood and plastic resin. Currently we stock two sizes - small (46cm) and large (69cm). We can also make puppets to order - please get in touch to discuss your requirements. For regular updates go to @puppet_box.


To purchase a set, please go to our SHOP.

 'The puppets are of really good quality and easily used by beginners or those more skilled. I can't recommend the box or the workshops enough.'

Amy Hurst - Drama Teacher (Canon Slade School)

'The puppets are superb and they come with excellent teaching resources and materials. My students love using these puppets, and they are producing some really interesting work as a result. I highly recommend PuppetBox for all teachers who need some puppets, as these are excellent quality and great value.'

Alex Curry - Drama Teacher  (Cirencester College)

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