PuppetBox Set

A PuppetBox set includes:


  • 4 x small puppets (46cm)
  • 2 x large puppets (69cm)
  • 2 x hemmed cloths 
  • Elastic bands
  • Education Pack


...all packaged in a useful box.


The education pack includes detailed information on the principles of puppetry, suggestions for workshops and instructions on how to use your puppets. The puppets are table-top rod puppets, operated by between 1-3 puppeteers. They are neutral, allowing them to be used for training and to represent a variety of characters in performance. The square cloths come with instructions on how to turn them into puppets.


The puppets currently come in three colours: Cream, Tan and Brown. 


All puppets are handmade to order so there will be slight variations. 

Materials: Natural cotton canvas, wood, elastic, springs, hollowfibre and plastic resin. 


If you have any problems with your PuppetBox or have any questions, please get in contact with us. We will be more than happy to resolve any issues.

PuppetBox Set


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