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spring newsletter

Hooray – its Spring!

We made it through the British winter. We are all feeling it aren’t we? As the UK is slowly opening up again it seemed the right time to send a newsletter winging your way.

Those of you who follow us on Instagram will know that we took part in Joanne Hawker’s March Meet the Maker. It was really fun, and the prompts gave us lots of things to think about and get into a regular habit of posting. It’s good to reflect sometimes!

We were so pleased at the end of March to be able to run an actual IN PERSON training workshop. We had a delightful and talented group of people attend, and it was really great to spend a whole day working on puppetry technique with people in the studio.

We do plan to run more of these sessions, so make sure to register your interest. We used a wonderful local space to run our workshop – The Studio is a beautiful space and our puppets look right at home in it.

This year has also been characterised by people making costumes for their PuppetBox puppets and sending brilliant pictures of the different characters. Artist Gill Marriner-Edwards and creative Chrissie Berridge both sent us some charming scenes. Lisa Difford shared a dressed up puppet as Marta in The Mitten her on line show.

What have your puppets been getting up to? Have they been busy on Zoom or been used in workshops, digital shows or devising? Or perhaps just staring into the middle distance? We’d love to see or hear.

News from our friends…

There have been some great online workshops around. Hopefully some of these will continue as it’s a great way to engage if you can’t travel. Spy Monkey have had a huge range of offerings - everything from comedy and character to funding and social media.

Bryony Kimmings has run a whole range of stuff around making autobiographical work and

Brighton Puppetry School have some places left still on some of their courses over the next few months.

Brighton Fringe and Brighton Festival are both going ahead offering lots of online and out door options.

We look forward to bringing some more puppets face-to-face with you soon.

Annie & Sophie x

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